The heart of Fruverpack

We are a young company founded in 1992 by Antonio Hernández Herrero but with deep roots, since it continues and takes as a reference the family project started in the fifties by his father, Antonio Hernández Navarro.

Strategically located in the region of Vega Baja del Segura, Fruverpack has offices located next to excellent communication routes, thus facilitating a rapid distribution of its products.

Sectors of activity

The company initially focused its activity on the horticultural sector, of clear predominance in the area, to cover needs with the provision of a wide variety of packaging products.

Currently, we also offer a wide range of specialized machinery to achieve a more attractive and higher quality final product for our customers, as well as a wide range of post-harvest solutions and instruments.


"The most important thing, the satisfaction of our customers"

Our business strategy is developed according to the needs of our clients. To achieve these goals, we have established the following commitments:

Implement a customer-oriented culture at all levels of the organization, so that we will know what their needs are and how to act on them.

Perform quality controls not only of the product, but also of customer service, so that we will have feedback on our work, informing us of the areas of improvement on which we must act to achieve excellent service levels.

Ensure that our human capital is trained and motivated, we will achieve it by conducting continuous training courses and valuing the work done by them.