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Permanent innovation.

Innovation: especially in terms of the technology we use in our transport, in our communication, management and control systems, and in our logistical and operational processes, all with the aim of applying it in our activities and services, which allows us not to only make things better, but be more competitive for our customers.

Development: through our IT department, creating and developing our own software, adapted and customized that together with the creation of programs and Apps optimize the processes.

Research: philosophy of continuous improvement present in Fruverpack means that every day we allocate important resources, human and economic in the search for new packaging and post-harvest solutions. Currently this indefatigable task is making Fruverpack a pioneer company and leader in our sector.

The essence of Fruverpack will always be present in our philosophy, thanks to which we adapt to changes and innovations, developing solutions permanently, achieving that the goal of the organization “Go one step ahead” is met every year with success.


“The most important thing is the satisfaction of our customers”

Our company strategy is developed based on the needs of our client. To reach these goals we have established the following commitments:

Implement a customer-oriented culture at all levels of the organization, in such a way that we will know what their needs are and how to act on them.

Perform quality controls, not only of the product, but also of customer service, so that we will have feedback on our work, informing us of the areas of improvement on which action must be taken to achieve excellent service levels.

To ensure that our human capital is trained and motivated, we achieve this by carrying out ongoing training courses and valuing the work carried out by them.”

In Fruverpack, research, development and innovation are fundamental pillars that we consider necessary for the progress of our company and our customers.

We advance, grow and surpass ourselves to be able to offer you, as always, the best product.