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The packaging protects from alterations external to the nature of the product. In addition to protecting it has the function of preserving, that is, it tries to eliminate the perishing of the packaged product not only during transport, but also during the time that the consumer has it stored.



Perfect packaging for small amounts or weight units aimed at direct marketing from the agri-food establishments.
We have a wide variety of punnets and lids, with and without clamshell in different sizes and materials.


  • Suitable for packing all kind of products such as: meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, etc.
  • Protect the product during transport
  • Assure correct handling in the point of sale
  • Facilitate the purchase to the final customer
  • Lightness and easy handling
  • Plastic (PET/PP/Polystyrene)
  • Wood
  • Cellulose/Cardboard
  • Biodegradable material (PLA)