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Instrumental to measure temperatures and humidity, calibrate fruits, take the temperature of the crops, check the hardness of the fruit, etc. Ultimately, Fruverpack is the right partner for the entire value chain, from packaging to all post-culture solutions.



For measuring the external and internal temperature of fruits as well as external environments.


  • Minimum and maximum temperature thermometer
  • Thermometer for the ground
  • Thermometer click fruit
  • Thermometer for cold chambers
  • Infrared thermometer
  • Box in ABS 230×79 mm
  • With push for detection of signals
  • Box metal 60 mm
  • Stainless steel floor
  • Different scales (-10 °C / +50°C and 0°C/120 °C)
  • Scale: from – 40°C to 200° C
  • Memorization temperature min/max
  • Stainless steel floor 150 mm
  • Thermometer with anodized aluminium
  • Reflex blue mercury