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Instrumental to measure temperatures and humidity, calibrate fruits, take the temperature of the crops, check the hardness of the fruit, etc. Ultimately, Fruverpack is the right partner for the entire value chain, from packaging to all post-culture solutions.



For measuring the temperature and humidity in external environments (cold chambers and outdoors).


  • Precision hygrometer
  • Precision thermohygrometer
  • Barometric station for outdoor
  • Digital thermohygrometer

Precision hygrometer: Aluminium anodized 120×120 mm, instruments 80 mm, humidity sensor bundle of hair.
Precision thermohygrometer:metallic plate 255×140 mm, instruments 80 mm, sensors (bimetal coil and bundle of hair).
Barometric station for outdoor: external sizes 410x195x65 mm, precision instrument 80 mm, stainless steel case.
Digital thermohygrometer: Emperature range from 0 °C to +50°C, humidity range from 10% to 95%, automatic shut-off.