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Machinery and spare parts

Robotized equipment for the packaging and packaging of fruits and vegetables. We take into account the whole process, first the factors of the fruit and, later, its packaging and transport.


Automatic and semiautomatic Strapping machines

Machine aimed at fixing the pallets with the strap once they are made. Combined with an automated conveyor either operating independently is one of the automatisms which saves more time in handling because it secures cargo for transport.


Strapping machines are available in different types: automatic, semiautomatic and manual.

Versatile, easy and comfortable programming machines. Main features:

  • Memorization of the different strapping machines
  • Remote control
  • Clamps in the arch to compact the load and guide the strap.
  • Mechanical tension adjustable.
  • Long life aluminium head.
  • Cadence exceeding 60 pallets/hour
  • Bottom security system with inversion of the motor direction.
  • Visual signaling of errors
  • Automatic edgecorner protector dispenser.

Easy handling machine that allows the movement towards the pallet avoiding moving the load before strapping. Main features detailed herein below:

  • Aluminium head and tension rollers hardener for long life of the machine.
  • Adjustable tension by electromagnetic clutch.
  • Dual power supply system: by means power and with batteries.
  • Height adjustable strapping manually without effort (from 17 cm. soil up to 2 meters).

Easy handling strapping machine, for application with clamp or electric welded by friction. Suitable for using with polypropilene and polyester (PET).