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Packaging solutions that keep the product fresh and protected and that meet the strictest food hygiene standards. We understand your need for products to reach their destination in perfect condition.



Maximun quality strapping available in different thicknesses and sizes, with special treatment for manual application in whatever kind of format and size. Depending on how to apply, we distinguish:

  • Manual strapping  (Inner core size: 150 mm)
  • Semi-automatic strapping (Inner core size: 200 mm)
  • Automatic strapping (Inner core size: 406 mm)


Most widely used of strapping, available in different widths and thicknesses. High resistance.

High resistance and unalterable to changes in temperature. Ensures a constant tightness.

High breaking load. Suitable for very heavy loads. For manual and pneumatic strapping machine.

Easy handling due to its flexibility. Tear-proof and heat resistant. Adjustment capacity to any shape.