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The packaging protects from alterations external to the nature of the product. In addition to protecting it has the function of preserving, that is, it tries to eliminate the perishing of the packaged product not only during transport, but also during the time that the consumer has it stored.



Packaging aimed at transport of fruit and vegetables which need aeration. Available with drawstring closure.


Multiple sizes available. The most used are:

  • Raschel sack (2 and 5 Kg)
  • Polymesh sack (15 and 25 Kg)
  • Transparent sack for potatoes 25 Kg
  • Yellow leno sacks for lemmon (5 and 10 Kg, with and without band)
  • Orange leno sacks for onion (15, 20 and 25 Kg with and without band)
  • Monofilament sack for garlic.
  • Raschel
  • Transparent raffia made of polyproplene
  • Polymesh
  • Leno sacks
  • Jute (vegetable fibre)