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Postharvest Solutions

Fruverpack offers a wide range of post-harvest solutions that maintain the properties of fruits and vegetables after being harvested. These solutions range from phytosanitary products to advanced technology for traceability of products during transport.


Temperature and Humidity Recorders

Portable equipment aimed at data control tracking in cold chain (temperature and humidity) until the arrival of the goods at destination.

Novelty: Know our Real-time Temperature data Recorder: more info



Provides a reliable toll in case of a complaint at destination, improving the management effectiveness of the cold chain.

The main advantages are:

  • Assurance of the integrity, quality and freshness of all your perishable goods.
  • Cold chain control, reducing losses and ensuring the quality of the product.
  • Allow at the same time record and archive the data and keep them according to HACCP standars.
  • Improves the management effectiveness of the cold chain.

Mechanical recorders:

  • Most widely used logger type.
  • Mode easy to use. Graph paper generation.
  • Generation of graphics with temperature and time chosen.

USB digital recorders:

  • Easy to use: plug and work.
  • Monitor usb connector integrated.
  • Automatic generation of report in Adobe format, eliminating the need to return the monitor to download data.