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Instrumental to measure temperatures and humidity, calibrate fruits, take the temperature of the crops, check the hardness of the fruit, etc. Ultimately, Fruverpack is the right partner for the entire value chain, from packaging to all post-culture solutions.


pH and conductivity meter

For measuring soil conductivity in µS/cm or ppm (mg/l), either salinity (NaCl) in %. For measuring pH (pH-meter)


  • Digital conductivity meter
  • Digital portable pH-meter
  • Digital conductivity meter: field of measurement: from 0-2 to 0-20 microsiemens to 0-20 milisiemens, automatic temperature compensation, power supply 9V battery.
  • Digital portable pH-meter: ph and conductivity meter, scale: from 0 to 14, accuracy 0,2 pH, resolution is 0,1. Automatic regulation of temperature