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Instrumental to measure temperatures and humidity, calibrate fruits, take the temperature of the crops, check the hardness of the fruit, etc. Ultimately, Fruverpack is the right partner for the entire value chain, from packaging to all post-culture solutions.


Penetrometers and hardness tester

It provides a valid index for the determination of the most appropriate period to collect fruit by measuring the hardness of the fruit. There are penetrometers and hardness tester (non-destructive tester for soft fruit).


  • Analog fruit penetrometer
  • Digital fruit penetrometer
  • Analog fruit penetrometer:</span> </span>Reading of the index in hilograms and pounds, accesories (2 tips, cutting blade and knife, all in stainless steel).
  • Digital fruit penetrometer: scale from 0 to 20 kilos: Power supply 6 batteries 1,5 v, weight 550 gr (battery included), on request: data to your computer.