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Postharvest Solutions

Fruverpack offers a wide range of post-harvest solutions that maintain the properties of fruits and vegetables after being harvested. These solutions range from phytosanitary products to advanced technology for traceability of products during transport.


Modified atmosphere bags

Plastic bags with different gas permeability involved in the respiration of fruits, which once they are closed , reach optimal concentrations in order to decrease fruit respiration rate.


The use of modified atmosphere bags (MAP) is based on the alteration of the composition of gases within the container package. An increase in the levels of CO2 along with a decrease of oxygen resulting in a decrease in the respiration rate of the fruit and vegetables stored and, therefore, an extension of the physiological life.

The main advantages are:

  • MAP enables producers to reach further markets
  • Longer duration of season sale of products
  • Seasonal storage to maximize the market prices
  • The sales value is maintained throughout the distribution chain
  • Suppresses the emergence and development of some disorders and rots