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Machinery and spare parts

Robotized equipment for the packaging and packaging of fruits and vegetables. We take into account the whole process, first the factors of the fruit and, later, its packaging and transport.


Treatment lines

Treatment lines that respond to the needs of our clients composed of the following teams:



  • Suitable for brushing fruit in general, with a watertight system for brushing remains.
  • Available with speed variator.

Fruit washers with by-pass system option (dry cleaning or step).

  • Variable speed of the brushes.
  • Detergent dispenser – fungicides.
  • Motorized fruit extractor.
  • Bottom scraper for brush cleaning.
  • Line of fans in final section.
  • Extensive customization based on customer needs.

Machine designed for drying fruit from washing prior to treatment with wax applied. Main features:

  • Internal translation movement of the conveyor and rotation of the conveyor rollers to increase drying efficiency.
  • Recirculation of internal hot air through axial fans.
  • Self-cleaning system through motorized brush.

Equipment for applying waxes made of stainless steel. Among its main features include:

  • They admit different types of heads for the application of waxes and protectors of the skin of the fruit.
  • They have a lower cleaning system for brushes.
  • Possibility of incorporating by-pass.

Equipment designed for small spaces and medium productions composed of all the necessary elements to perform the following functions: washing, pre-drying, wax applicator and drying tunnel.

Tables made of stainless steel and equipped with the following elements:

  • Canvas conveyors for evacuation of ready-made boxes.
  • Canvas conveyors for waste disposal.
  • Top conveyors of gravity rolling for transport of empty boxes.