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Postharvest Solutions

Fruverpack offers a wide range of post-harvest solutions that maintain the properties of fruits and vegetables after being harvested. These solutions range from phytosanitary products to advanced technology for traceability of products during transport.


Grapes conservation sheets

Grapes conservation sheets which its main active ingredient (Sodium metabisulfite) in presence of humidity gives off sulphur dioxide, thus ensuring the control of development of some molds (mainly Botrytis Cinerea).


Provides an effective tool to control the appearance of some fungal infections during grapes conservation.

  • Controlled emission multiphase (quick initial phase and rear slow phase). High initial emission of sulphur dioxide in order to eliminate the existing spores and rear slow phase to prevent the growth of dormant spores
  • Maximum protection and minimum whitening due to its perfect emission control
  • They do not release strong SO2 emissions in case of temperature fluctuations occur in the cold chain
  • Available in different sizes to meet the needs of our customers
  • Different sheet sizes for boxes 30×40 cm, 50×30 cm and 60×40 cm.
  • Available in monophase and multiphase format.