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The packaging protects from alterations external to the nature of the product. In addition to protecting it has the function of preserving, that is, it tries to eliminate the perishing of the packaged product not only during transport, but also during the time that the consumer has it stored.


Flowpack / Alimentary film / Polyolefins

Alimentary film, flowpack and polyolefin films used for wrapping and packing fruit and vegetables directly or in trays.


  • Wide range of thicknesses
  • Standard widths from 300 to 500 mm (other widths on request)
  • Stretch film to adapt its content.
  • High transparency and brightness
  • Polyolefins and retractable polypropylene (Second skin)
  • Biaxially oriented polypropylene (Flowpack)
  • Complex films
  • PLA  film (Biodegradable)