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Machinery and spare parts

Robotized equipment for the packaging and packaging of fruits and vegetables. We take into account the whole process, first the factors of the fruit and, later, its packaging and transport.


Film machines

Machines designed for packaging in single form or in groups of products by using different kind of films. The main types are:


Main advantages of this kind of machines are:

  • Versatility and reliability
  • Flexibility in change of formats
  • Ideal for working with technical or food products
  • Vertical construction system of easy accesibility (facilitates hygiene)

Machines designed for packing productsof long conservation through injection of gas or vaporized aromas and preservatives. Main features:

  • Possibility of use of different types of film: polypropylene (PP), polyethilene (PE) and polyolefin
  • Guarantee of tightness of the bags
  • Speed and versatility.

Series of tunnels with hot air designed for retraction of products at the end of a flow-pack machine. Among its advantages, these stand out:

  • Isolation of the tunnel with fiberglass
  • Hot air distribution with low turbulence (Energy saving)
  • Auto cooling of electrical and electronic components