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The essence of Fruverpack

We are a young company founded in 1992 by Antonio Hernández Herrero but with deep roots, since it continues and takes as a reference the family project started in the fifties by his father, Antonio Hernández Navarro.

Located strategically in the region of Vega Baja del Segura, Fruverpack has offices located next to excellent communication channels, thus facilitating the rapid distribution of its products.

Activity sectors

The company initially focused its activity on the fruit and vegetable sector, with a clear predominance in the area, to meet needs with the availability of a wide variety of packaging and packaging products.

Currently, we also offer a wide range of specialized machinery to achieve a more attractive and higher quality end product for our customers, as well as a wide range of post-harvest and instrumental solutions.

Company values


Be proactive and imaginative, work on the investigation of future needs always improving our level of quality to offer greater added value to both customers and end users.

Social responsability

We are aware of the impact that our daily activities have on the rest of society and we direct them to favor the common interest.


We believe that economic progress and respect for the environment are compatible. We defend and promote the integration of all types of projects, respecting the environment and current legislation.

Always paying attention to the client with rigor and professionalism, paying special attention to their needs, favoring in this way a policy of anticipation that encourages the development of a solid and long relationship with them.